Fixed Braces

A fixed brace is an orthodontic appliance which cannot be removed from the mouth by the patient. Fixed braces are one of the most effective ways of straightening teeth and they can be used in combination with removable or functional braces.

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Stainless steel metal brackets are easily recognised and are widely used in the treatment of patients in all age groups. You can choose to have low profile, mini-metal brackets which can be decorated with coloured ligatures or modules to provide individuality and make them aesthetically pleasing.

We offer a range of modern, fixed appliances that can successfully and discreetly straighten teeth faster and more comfortably than traditional fixed braces. One such appliance that we offer is The Damon System.

The Damon System of self-ligating brackets are fast, fixed orthodontic braces that use a unique slide mechanism that minimises the friction and binding associated with conventional braces. They work by fastening a small bracket to each tooth; these are then connected to each other using thin, super-elastic nickel titanium wire held in place by small elastic rings.

The brackets can be made of either metal, plastic or ceramic. The Damon System exerts lighter forces on your teeth during treatment, gently gliding them into their ideal position, making treatment faster and more comfortable.

Finance options are available, contact our friendly team for more information.

There are many benefits to the technologically-advanced self-ligating braces:

  • Faster treatment time: Up to 4 months faster, but no less effective than conventional tied-in braces
  • Fewer appointments: Less adjustments are required with self-ligating braces so fewer appointments are needed
  • Increased patient comfort: Reduced friction and binding and shorter treatment times.
  • Improved oral cleanliness: These smaller modern braces are easier to keep clean, reducing the risk of a build-up of plaque and bacteria in the mouth that can lead to tooth decay and gum problems

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Attractive, translucent or tooth coloured, aesthetic fixed brackets appeal to patients because of their less obtrusive appearance. These are made from a ceramic material and differ from plastic (polycarbonate) brackets in terms of the superior durability, colour stability, strength, and overall performance throughout the treatment.

Fixed braces can be made “totally white” by utilising ceramic brackets, white or tooth-coloured arch wires and non-staining ligature wires This means that your appliance is less visible!


These are fixed braces which function without ligatures and modules. These braces are designed to help the teeth move in fewer adjustment visits. The absence of modules and ligatures eliminates the hassle of staining too


The Swift Smile Service is our affordable alternative to NHS treatment, allowing you to avoid waiting lists to receive orthodontic treatment from a Specialist Orthodontist at an affordable competitive price.

The treatment provided from this service is the same as NHS with standard metal fixed braces with colour options. Except with the additional care you receive from a private Specialist Orthodontist with decades of experience.

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