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Your First Consultation

Your first invisalign consultation will be with one of our fantastic treatment coordinators

What to expect at your first consultation

Your first Invisalign consultation at Orthodontic Clinic will be with one of our fantastic treatment coordinators.

Our treatment coordinators are here to provide you with a fantastic initial experience, their role is to give you a chance to discuss the different services that are available, alongside providing you with the information about the pros and cons of each types of treatments and how this may affect how you care for your braces, and how this could affect your diet. 

During your first consultation you will be able to ask any questions you have in a relaxed no-obligation environment. Our treatment coordinators are happy to discuss any questions that you may have including what pricing and finance options are available.

What is the role of a treatment coordinator?

Point of contact

Our treatment coordinators are here to provide you with a first point of contact, their role is to be an informal, stress free helper. Your treatment coordinator will help manage your treatment every step of the way. This includes scheduling appointments, finance option and are there to answer any of your questions throughout your treatment.

It can be daunting for many people to begin orthodontic treatment that’s why treatment coordinators are here to help provide you with a relaxed environment and experience.

Treatment options and cost

Your first consultation is a great chance to discuss each treatment we offer alongside the cost for each service. Our team can take you through each financing option alongside taking your through step-by-step details for how long each of our treatment takes and what you can expect throughout. 

Provide a patient centered service

Due to the busyness of our specialist orthodontists, our treatment coordinators are here to provide you with an enhanced patient centered service. They are here to provide an informal space outside of the clinical aspect of orthodontics, they are here to listen to any of your concerns and assist you throughout the process.

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