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If your parents had braces, you may have seen pictures of them with their mouths full of metal. Today, braces are much less noticeable and although metal braces are still used, clear braces, invisible braces and Invisalign are available. The wires that are used are also smaller and better than they used to be. What’s more, they’re made of space-age material that straightens your teeth faster and easier.

Fixed Braces

Fixed braces are fitted to the outside surface of your teeth and are very good for correcting complex problems. They are commonly made of stainless steel which makes them easier to keep clean. Tooth coloured ceramic or acrylic fixed braces are also available and are most often used for adult treatment as they are much more aesthetic. We also use lingual fixed appliances

Removable Braces

Removable braces such as Invisalign can be taken out for eating, flossing and cleaning; however, it is important to wear them for the rest of the time to ensure effective treatment. Removable braces are good for correcting simple problems, such as moving a single tooth.

Functional Braces

Functional braces can also be removed for eating, flossing and cleaning but must be worn for the majority of the time. Functional braces are used to correct the growth pattern of the jaws, and to correct asymmetry, for example, when one jaw is bigger than the other. They can also be used in conjunction with headgear to help jaws to grow correctly.

How much will braces cost?

At Orthodontic Clinic we believe orthodontic treatment is an investment, but we want to ensure it’s an affordable one. How much your treatment costs will be determined by the type of orthodontic treatment you need but this is something we can discuss with you at your initial appointment.

We offer several flexible payment methods which our treatment coordinator can discuss with you at your free consultation.

Services Price
Upper / Lower Metal Braces Child x2 £3,500 1 Arch - £2,200
Upper / Lower Metal Braces Adult x2 £4,350 1 Arch - £3,150
Upper / Lower Ceramic Braces £5,000 1 Arch - £4,000
Ceramic per Arch £450
Invisalign Upper/Lower Child/Adult £4,350 1 Arch - £3,350
Invisalign Lite £3,300 1 x £2,700
Invisalign Teen £4,300
Invisalign i7 £2,300 1 Arch - £2,000
Lingual x1 £3,950
Lingual x2 £6,700
Twin Block Functional Appliance £900
Upper Removable Appliance £750
Incognito £7,300 1 x £3,800